The service in healthcare began in Vila Municipal back in the 70's and is one of the oldest primary care units in the city of Pelotas. Throughout history this service has been developing preventive, educational and health promotion activities. It also develops teaching and research activities.

Since 2002 UBS became part of the Programa de Saúde da Família (PSF) and started developing priority actions for about 2,800 individuals living in Bairro Santos Dumont.

Concluding, the healthcare area developed by ABELUPE is an important training field for different courses related to health. Prevention and promotion activities are developed in accordance with the guidelines of the PSF and benefit not only the population of the neighborhood, but also the population of the surrounding area.


Every month are performed on average 700 medical consultations, 300 nursing consultations, 200 consultations with nutritionists and 200 consultations with the social worker. Each health agent visits about 200 households per month.


There are also made about 120 home visits to patients who are unable to go to UBS.

Although being a PSF unit, approximately 33% of medical consultations are aimed at people from other neighborhoods, which demonstrate that the unit is a reference in its micro-region.


The health unit provides a training field for students of nursing, medicine, dentistry, psychiatry and nutrition. In addition, it houses students from four specific courses: Social and Preventive Medicine, Multidisciplinary Oncology, Multidisciplinary Health and Child Psychiatry. Taking into account all the courses, over 50 students develop their practical activities in UBS.

Preventive actions

ABELUPE develops several preventive activities:

  • Childcare and prenatal programs and activities for the prevention of uterus and breast cancer.

  • Promotion of breastfeeding, healthy eating and physical exercise.

  • Hypertensive groups, diabetics, pregnant women, the elderly and mental health.

  • Active search of cancer patients and examination of potentially malignant oral lesions.

  • Preventive actions in child healthcare.


Vila Municipal comprises about 826 families, with an average prevailing income between one and two minimum wages and school-age children. Thus, a paid job for the parents becomes imperative in order to improve the life quality of the families.


The actions developed with the elderly seek a way of work and care, in which are present activities, attitudes and feelings that imply the ability to help and support this population, thus improving the human condition or way of life, rescuing and recovering the value of life at an old age, with the goal of promoting healthcare, social inclusion, welfare and improvement of the elderly people’s life quality.

This proposal is already being operationalized since October 1989, through regular meetings that take place every Tuesday.

In these meetings labor activities are developed such as fabric painting, making EVA flowers, work with wool, crochet, painting on canvas, making Christmas balls, cloth and wool dolls, painting on glass, among others. The works conducted by the group are then exposed to the community.

The entertainment and recreational processes are associated with the group activities through several dynamic modalities such as music, relaxation techniques and interactive activities. Local and national holidays are moments of reflection and specific craft activities are developed.

The existence of a concern with the cultural values leads the coordinators of the project to recognize individual and family differences of each person. Also, whenever it is possible, tours to museums are organized, being encouraged the participation in free cultural events.

We encourage integration with other groups of older people, seeking personal development, as well as the recognition of the existence of singularities of other groups.

Educational lectures are organized, such as the elderly status, citizenship, violence against the elderly, sexuality, healthcare and social rights. In these occasions there is an active participation of nursing students in carrying out those activities.

Family participation in the weekly meetings is incentivized as a way to promote interaction and socialization, since the elderly is not an isolated being.

In order to promote self-esteem and appreciation of life, each summer a tour to the city of São Lourenço do Sul is organized, with the social purpose and leisure. The planning, organization and execution of such tour are performed by the elderly along with the coordination of the group Semente da Amizade.