Who we are

 A dream come true: to meet Pelotas community through social work in healthcare and education.

A cherished ideal for a Lutheran group that, under the leadership of Pastor Daltro Kautzmann and with the participation of competent and dedicated people, conceived the SARE - Serviço Assistencial da Redenção and years later founded this entity affiliated social assistance IELB - Igreja Evangélica Luterana do Brasil.

The idea was to serve the needy people in their spiritual, educational and healthcare needs.

Private institutions and public authorities of Brazil have given their endorsement and their help. And so we have a dedicated entity for the promotion of quality of life for all who seek their full relief work, according to the will of Jesus Christ: "My command is this: Love one another as I have loved you. "John 15:12.

To God, praise and gratitude

"Let us not become weary in doing good" GI 6.9

“Soli Deo Gloria”​

With the help of supporters, associates, volunteers and partners, continuing to run the institution efficiently, promoting social inclusion, healthcare, wellbeing and life quality of the community.

Give total assistance  to the children, older people and the community.

Give religious assistance.


Serve as a space of social formation, promoting the improvement of life quality through preventive actions articulated with the community, focusing essentially in the social wellbeing and healthcare.


+55 53 3223-2307


Rua Luciano Galet, 600

Pelotas, RS, Brasil